Global Impacts of the Gilmore Giving Tree

Expanding the branches of the Gilmore Giving Tree Across the Globe.

Global initiative to promote awareness and to support the fundraising efforts of St. Jude to accelerate the progress of childhood cancer research globally. This initiative will also include supporting children of need through programs like Compassion International that provide food, clothing, shelter, and education to children of poverty all over the world.

In 2020, Project Gilmore Girl raised over $6000 that went directly to the research team at St. Jude to learn how COVID affects children with cancer.

In 2021, Project Gilmore Girl contributed $10,000 to the 2022-2027 St. Jude Strategic Plan: Accelerating Progress Globally. This is a laser focused initiative to expand patient care and clinical and laboratory-based research related to catastrophic illnesses, including work in cancer, blood disorders, neurological diseases and infectious diseases world wide.

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