The Gilmore Giving Tree

Founder Julia Gilmore

Tis the Season to help make a child’s Christmas special. Please watch the video and consider gifting a toy to a child.

Where Kindness and Contribution Walk Hand In Hand

Join our journey as we share smiles and hope through intentional reach,

benefiting children locally, nationally, and worldwide.

Origin of the Gilmore Giving Tree

Some say that the Oak Tree is one of God’s most precious gifts to humanity. It is strong and versatile, but the Oak Tree also has healing properties, known to cure various diseases. The Gilmore Giving Tree is also strong and it is rooted in kindness. It is our hope that the service provided under the canopy of the Gilmore Giving Tree, is healing to those weary in spirit, and people feel the love that stems from everything we do.

The Gilmore Giving Tree has a mission to serve the children of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, TN under the platform of Project Gilmore Girl and Globally to promote awareness and to support the efforts of accelerating the progress of childhood cancer research worldwide through fundraising. The Gilmore Giving Tree is also committed to serving Johnson City, TN under the platform of Gilmore Girl Unites. The Gilmore Giving Tree is rooted in kindness, branching out with service, and born out of love.